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Naumann Nature Scapes, Inc. is a full-service theming company with over thirty years of experience.  Our hardworking staff of concrete artisans will bring your vision to life with dedication and precision.  We pride ourselves on producing high quality work tailored specifically to each client’s wants and needs. 


Whether you are searching for an artistic feature or artificial natural habitat, Naumann Nature Scapes does it all.  We present with extensive expertise in the design and creation of themed rock landscapes, sculptures, artificial rock or coral, artificial trees and natural water features.  From penguin exhibits to pirate ships, our team has done it all.


Naumann Nature Scapes practices transparency.  Each client’s direct point of contact is Owner and President Roger Naumann.  He plays an active role in all aspects of project design and construction.  This allows the intricacies of the operation to run smoothly and ensures everything meets his standard of excellence.  The open channel and boots on the ground approach allows for direct implementation of the concepts discussed between him and each client.  This hands-on approach separates us from other theming companies.


While Naumann Nature Scapes is based out of Florida, our company has serviced clients both nationally and internationally.  We have worked with zoos, aquariums and theme-parks across the United States ranging from our home state of Florida to New York and all the way to the West Coast.  Some of our most recognizable clients include Disney, Sea World and Universal Studios.


To see our artificial rock work, artificial trees, beautiful and natural water features at some of the most popular destinations in the world, please visit the portfolio.


If you are ready to start discussing and planning your project, please contact us.




  • Themed hard scapes

  • Themed rock scapes

  • Facade Construction


Artificial Scapes

  • Artificial rock work

  • Artificial trees

  • Beautiful and natural water features ​

Web Consultation

& More!

  • Hardscape Repair & Fortification

  • Consultation

  • Tank Construction

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